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EIN: 31-1281486

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Alexander Inclusive Playground Fund

6091 Ayers Rd.

Albany, Ohio 45710

Spartan Sponsors

If you are interested in making a transformational gift by sponsoring a piece of equipment, please check out our sponsorship catalog. Every Spartan Sponsor will be prominently displayed on both the Spartan Sponsor Wall our Donor Wall out on the playground.

Where your donation will be going

The Alexander Inclusive Playground project involves several phases which we're calling P.L.A.Y. As a phase becomes funded through donations and grants, we will implement that phase.

These phases are based on working estimates from playground vendors.


Phase P

Playground Area 1
Grades 1-5

Replace the large, inaccessible play structure with an inclusive play structure that has ramps. Add a swingset and three other ground-level experiences.

*UPDATE: This phase is complete! We will be installing this equipment in June.


Phase L

Playground Area 2
Grades 1-5

Install freestanding equipment that is accessible to all and provides motion and sensory input as well as put in shade structures.


Phase A

Playground Areas 1 & 2
Grades 1-5

Replace mulch with poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surfacing so all kids can access all parts of the playground. 


Phase Y

Playground Area 3
Grades PreK and Kindergarten

Renovate the small playground out front by replacing mulch with PIP surfacing and installing a small structure with ramps and accessible ground equipment.

Donor Wall

Thank you to all of our donors! 

Kleinpenny Educational Fund

Will Nisbet

Jodi Eirich

Merchants National Bank

Southern Ohio Adventures Recreation (S.O.A.R.)

Ian Klein

Marilee and William Hampton

Change for a Change Campaign (Alexander Elementary)

Athens Ohio Roller Derby

Trifecta Outdoors

Kiwanis PM Club of Athens

Athens Visitors Bureau

Hyacinth Bean Florist

Michael and Nancy Pia

Mary Van Doren

Angela Kiser-Brown

Heather Hively

Hocking Valley Bank

Aimee and Joshua Collins

Alexander Biddy League

Lauren Hogan

Makalin Stadtler


Justine Spinelli

Kelsi Saunders

Mia Roberto

Katie Thompson

Kathleen Barton

Molly Elkins


Stacey Jukoski

Izzy Maggard

Molly Davis

Shayne Lopez

Alaina Borra

Reed Williamson

Tammy Kowaleski

Michelle Ridenbaugh

Allison Lusk

Michael Tarosky

Sue Micetic

Frances Wymbs

Hannah Haupricht

Amy Kovach


Uptown Dog T-shirts

Paul and Melissa Korpi

Mike Carpenter in honor of Michael Weiser

Lois Harkins in honor of Michael Weiser

Doug and Emily Schmaltz and Family in memory of Charlotte Schmaltz

Charla Johnson in honor of Michael Weiser

Lindsay DesJardins in honor of Michael Weiser

Karen Lax in onor of Michael Weiser


Athens Dental Arts

Adele Hansen

Valerie Young

David Brobeck

Jessica McNair

Carter Adelsberger

Jon Dillard

Maddy Herrilko

Eapen Matthew

Bickle Insurance

Tesla West

Whitley Cline

Karen Gardner

James Harris

Catherine Stephens

Angela Hillman

Joel Laufman

Connie Ator

Payton Family

Laurens Miedema

Jessica Vierling-West

Nicole Abetti

Ava Mendenhall

BDT Foundation

Beads and Things

Isaac and Jack Payton's Sunday school at Canaanville United Methodist

Athens Elks Club

Remy Butler

Rachel Wheatley

Anonymous first grader

Celeste Parsons

Erica Matheny

Susan Meeks

Amy Nolan

Heather Lantz

Kassy Bean

Diana Giesige

Kyle Butler

Bagel Street Deli

Sue Maskiell

Becca and Michael Lachman

Ashlynn Lucas on behalf of Jace Davis and Family

Evan Nelson

Lori Gromen

Holli Kiefer

Robert Stewart

Katherine Scott

Karen Beck

Heather Roddy

Susie Huser

Robert and Colleen Eccles

Michelle Lyle

Jonathan Abetti

Katie Gardner

Natalie Bobo-Newton

Jeff Jenkins

Pier Abetti

Minuteman Press


Stephanie Miller

Lea Jaspers

Michelle Dunkle

Echoing Connections of Southeast Ohio

Laura Noel

Mitzy Lou's

Tatum L'Heureux

Marsha Few

Spartans in the Spotlight

ATCO Legacy Fund

Amber Peltz

Ohio University AFSCME Local 1699


Alexander Jr. High Student Council

Kathy Sisler

OUCU Financial

Isla Lawrence and Family

Texas Roadhouse

John and Pamela Thomas in honor of Michael Weiser

Alexander High School Jeans Day - In Honor of Michael Weiser

Lowe's - Athens

Gabby Ditto



Jennifer Schroeder

Marissa Collins

Taylor Weaver

Katie McDonald

Brenda Montoney

Cassandra Delude

Maire Conlan

Dean Ditto

Eleni Zulia

Jordan Vincent

George Abetti

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Andralee Strassner

Olivia Kowaleski


Catherine Lachman

Judy Vincent

Allison Lusk


Susan Douglas


Ann Welsh in honor of Michael Weiser

The Eccles Family Foundation

Kostohryz Family

Lilian Beck

Ann Malcom Paulins and Scott Malcom in honor of Michael Weiser

John Hartley

Doug Welsh in honor of Michael Weiser

Thomas and Barbara Kostohryz in honor of Michael Weiser

Lorel Crawford

Domenique Kirchner and Kenneth Colburn

Jana Hovland

JoAnne L'heureux

Cedar Thompson-Kelleher

Bonnie Russell

Chrissie Terry

Oliver Collins

Mia Provenzano

Deborah Fulks (Court Street Coffee)

Hank and Marilyn Rossiter

Knights of Pythias

Octa Peters

Kylee Mendenhall

Beth Roell

Jessica Hone

Jessica Fritz

Elaine Kearns

Piccard Family

Alexander Lions Club

Barb Ernst

Mark Franz

Jody Gerome Zuchowski

Suzanne Ragg


The Athens Real Estate Company

Joette Weber


Crystal and Kenneth Jones

Nora Butler

Michele Courtney

Jack Ellis

Kelly Forshey

Stacey Douglas Bigony

Nicole Bickle

Kara Hanning

Allison Bond

Ashley Fryar

Sarah Brynelson

Christin Butler

Sue Ellen Miller

Qarnissa Fletcher

Jenny Hughes

Rick Duff and Linda Cochran

Jodi Mitchell

Sara Casey Taleff

Tanyah Stone

Jason Weber

Pauline Abetti and John Willumsen

Audrey K

Lynne Fogel

Claire Eccles Moore

Leslie Sisler

Joyce Reese

Krista Shipley

Todd and Tammy Gardner

Deborah Press

Ellen Mulligan

Susan Engler

Ryan Dieter

Ohio University Inclusion Project

Athens Rotary Foundation

Kelly Cooney

Nora Eccles

Mathews Insurance, Inc.

Autism Rainy Day Fund

PEO Chapter DD of Athens

Morris L'Heureux

Athens Eye Professionals

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service

Child Conservation League - The Starlight

Claudette Saylor

Sally and Don Linder

Matt Felton-Koestler and Courtney Koestler

Alexander FFA

Margaret, Tom and Emily Demko

Wildflower Legacy Foundation

Teresa South

Polly Sumney

David and Lillian Collins

Lila Linscott

Doug's Carryout

Emily Metcalf

Kristen Michalek

Pam Davis

Emily Metcalf


Jennifer Hughes

Denton & Lori Guthrie

Betsy Hazen

Eduina Lynch


Caroline Fish

Kim Napper

Madison Adams

Alexis Coreno

Jordan Lewis

Jerri Lynn Baxstrom

Joyce Morris

Natalie Daniels

Emily Hunkler

Courtney Lefebvre Little

Julie Torski

Alex Porterfield

Jen Kleemeier

Ashley Kadrlik

Alexander National Honors Society

Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (Ohio University)

Frank Abetti


Pizza Cottage

Beth and Mike DiBenedetto

Susan Mabry in honor of Michael Weiser

Canaanville United Methodist Women

Cetide in honor of Michael Weiser

Linda and Rodney Sauer

Myrta Hovland

Joyce Dubow

Casey Wharff

Cheryl Sylvester

Nicole Bickle

Stephen's Restaurant

Jenny Provenzano

Scott Stegert

Lucy Juedes

Charles and Phyllis Mansfield

Lawrence Becker

Carol Ault

Rhys Riddell

Misti Hartwig

Jordan, Jenny, AJ and Corban Stotts

Amber Mckenzie

Holzer Health System

Michael Wootton

Erin Sykes

Shelley Lieberman

Stephanie Hunter

Rebecca Russel

Miller's Chicken

Carpet One Floor & Moore

Lana Hines

Peter and Maria Couladis

Albany Fall Fest donations

Krista Duval

Katherine Able-Perkins

Paul Korpi

Lindsay Bail

Megan Cooper

Jennifer Thomas

Beth Kirkendall

Shannon Seel

Sara Taylor

Sara Hayes

William Anderson

Raoul Srouji

Daniel Barbee


Bill and Sandy Rawlins

Beatrice Abetti

Evelina Bloom


Jamie Dinard

Kirsten Keppner

Gretchen Greenlee

Adrienne Nagy

JK Kearns

Clare Payne


Daniel Brooks

Christine Wilson

Nancy Iott

Nancy Brynelson

Lucky's Pizza

Joan Wigal

Ohio University Student Senate

Athens County Foundation Capacity Building Grant

Looking to donate in other ways?

Spartan Sponsors

If you are interested in making a transformational gift by sponsoring a piece of equipment, please check out our sponsorship catalog. Every Spartan Sponsor will be prominently displayed on both the Spartan Sponsor Wall our Donor Wall out on the playground.

Other ideas?

We need all kinds of community support for this project from doing fundraisers to loaning machinery to all-hands-on-deck during the build. Send us an email to share your idea!

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