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Isidoro in Swing, Student of Alexander Elementary


1st Grade

Isidoro is a joyful first grader who loves music and the alphabet. He has a wheelchair and loves being pushed in it by his friends. While he uses the one adaptive swing on the playground, he can’t wait to bring his wheelchair onto the spinner or zoom forward on the zip line with its supportive seat.


3rd Grade

Chloe is a third grader best known for her love of cats and her infinite number of cat accessories that she wears to school. She has a walker and a wheelchair that help her get from place to place. But they aren’t able to move well through the mulch on the playground, so she spends most of her time at recess drawing with chalk on the blacktop.

Chloe, Student of Alexander Elementary
Emma, Student of Alexander Elementary


3rd Grade

Emma is a compassionate third grader whose favorite subject is language arts. Her peers know her for desire to encourage others. Due to numerous surgeries and challenges with walking, Emma has limited options on the playground. She is excited about the accessible overhang: “I want to reach the monkey bars. It’s my dream!”



Caroline is a vivacious preschooler with good friends and a love for letters. Her favorite food is asparagus. She loves recess, but due to a skin condition, she can’t be out in the sun without shade for more than a few minutes. She also needs visual contrast in order to safely perceive depth, like between steps on a playground.

Caroline, Student of Alexander Elementary


8th Grade

Jovia enjoys school mostly for its friendships and social interaction. She doesn't have recess anymore now that she's in middle school, but she does have some good memories of going down the slide when she was smaller and it was easier to get in and out of her wheelchair. When the new playground is built, she might check it out with her little brother if there is wheelchair accessible equipment. "I want to go FAST," Jovia says.



Ivy is a spirited kindergarten student who couldn’t wait to finally be in school. She is known for her friendly disposition and desire to play with her peers. She loves dance and gymnastics and swimming. She can’t wait for a playground that allows her to play with her preschool-aged brother who is both visually impaired and not yet walking.

Ivy, Student of Alexander Elementary


1st Grade

Simon loves science and wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He loves recess and getting lots of movement helps his body and his mind feel ready to learn. He noticed that there were no ramps on his playground and wants that to change so he can play with all of his friends.


1st Grade

Logan loves music class and Mrs. Schultz's class. But he also loves recess. Any playground with stepping blocks of different heights gets him excited. Because Logan is outgoing, he wants to be able to play with all of his buddies on the playground, including one of his best friends who uses a wheelchair.  



5th Grade

Micah is great at math and known for his problem solving skills by his fifth-grade peers. While many children like to play ball games or climb the playground structure during recess, he prefers to find quieter spaces and avoid the crowd. He enjoys nature and alcoves.


2nd Grade

Declan loves all things STEM at school but he also enjoys playing with his friends. His favorite thing about the playground is the green space where he can play kickball with his friends. He also enjoys the pull-up bars. He'd love for his sister who uses a wheelchair to be able to join him on the playground sometime after school or on the weekend, especially on the wheelchair accessible spinner so they can both go fast. 


There will be many more children to come through our school district and town who we don't even know about yet but will also benefit greatly from this playground for years to come.

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