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Play Together, Grow Together.

An inclusive playground removes barriers for children with mobility, vision, hearing and sensory challenges and allows children of all abilities to interact and play.
Students and parents of Alexander Elementary for the Alexander Inclusive Playground Project

The playground at Alexander Elementary is used by children during the school day, but it also serves children and adults from all areas after school and on weekends. It is a large, beautiful outdoor play area with a shelter house and access to a fitness trail. It is a public park for the wider community outside of school hours. It should be available to every one of every ability.

There are a lot of issues with the current playground that limit inclusive play.

The typical lifespan of a playground is 20 years. The playground at Alexander was built in 2004 so it is ready for replacement. The opportunity for an inclusive playground is now.

Everything has steps.

For children with permanent and temporary disabilities when everything requires the use of steps, the child's options of play are immediately diminished. Often, this leads to children being left out. 

Alexander Elementary Inclusive Playground Project
Alexander Elementary Inclusive Playground Project

Mulch covers everything.

Something that seems very standard on a playground leaves a lot of children out. Although it is ADA compliant, the use of mulch prevents children in wheelchairs and crutches increased difficulty when getting around leading to injury or inability to play at all. 

Only one accessible entrance.

There is one curb cut for wheelchairs and walkers

Alexander Elementary Inclusive Playground Project
Alexander Elementary Inclusive Playground Project

There is only one adaptive swing, that is outdated.

The new playground will feature

all kinds of play!

Children and adults alike will be able to spin in the spinner accessible to wheelchair and walkers. Friends will rock back and forth in the group glider and participate in imaginative play. People of all abilities will be able to use the dual monkey bars alongside each other. Music and activity panels will provide stimulation for those who want something different from motion. And children needing a break from the crowd can find rest in the shaded quiet space.

Playground Plans

Full rendering 1.jpg

The design of Area 1 being installed this summer.

Below are closeups of the equipment your donations will provide for all areas of the playground.

Color and company might differ from the links below.

Basket Swing

Great for one or many friends to play together.

Turnabout Spinner

A wheelchair accessible merry-go-round

Inclusive Teeter Totter

This unique see-saw accommodates children of all abilities.

Activity Panels

Fun accessible activity panels of games, puzzles, and sensory input.


A wheelchair-accessible glider where children can feel movement and engage in imaginary play.

Accessible Monkey Bars

Whether tall or short or in a mobility device, anyone can use these climbers.

Inclusive Play System

A large play structure with ramps that enables all children to experience height and slides.


Incorporating play shades into an outdoor space provides children with hours of endless fun and protection, rain or shine.

Musical Chimes

Music that is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages peer play.

Quiet Spot

A quiet sensory-friendly space for those who want a break from the crowd.

ZoomTwist Duplex

A spinner-climber for all ages and all abilities.

Talk Tubes

Kids can hold conversations from far away with a whisper or a shout!

Adaptive Seat Swing

A supportive swing for children of all abilities to enjoy the classic fun of swinging.

Roller Slide

A different kind of slide with sensory input big enough for two friends and better for children with cochlear implants.

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