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Blue Skies


We completed fundraising for the first phase! (Area 1)
Now raising funds for Area 2

Our next big push is to raise $260,000 by November for Area 2 equipment and installation


"It is the school playground that our children –

especially our children with disabilities – spend most of their playground time in life.

Our school campus is the community center of our town of Albany. It serves children during the school day but people of all ages on weeknights, weekends and summers. That’s why we believe the playground should be a space for everyone of all abilities. We hope you do, too."

Lisa Wigal & Annah Korpi

The Children of Alexander Elementary

“When I’m in my wheelchair, I have to sit on the blacktop and wait for recess to be over…I sit and watch while my friends and my brother get to play but I have to sit and wait for everyone to be done playing.”

— Emma, Student of Alexander Local Schools


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